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Paid Marketing


Maximizing Your Reach With The Art and Science of Paid Marketing

Explore AMEX’s premium paid marketing services, meticulously designed to elevate your brand’s digital presence and drive tangible results. Our suite of paid marketing solutions encompasses targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms including Google Ads, social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as display advertising and remarketing strategies. 

At AMEX, we leverage advanced analytics and audience segmentation techniques to ensure that your advertising budget is optimized for maximum ROI. From crafting compelling ad copy to strategic bidding and continuous performance monitoring, our dedicated team of experts is committed to helping you achieve your marketing objectives and surpassing your business goals. Partner with AMEX to unlock the full potential of paid marketing and propel your brand to new heights of success in the digital landscape.


What we offer

Unlock the potential of our paid marketing solutions for your brand. Targeted advertising campaigns across platforms like Google Ads and social media ensure optimal visibility. With expert analytics and optimization, maximize your return on investment. Our team crafts compelling ad content to engage your audience and stay ahead of competitors. Explore flexible budget options tailored to your business needs and propel your growth with our proven strategies.

Keyword Research

Thorough analysis to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your advertising campaigns.

Campaign Setup

Strategic configuration and structuring of advertising campaigns tailored to your business objectives and target audience.

Ad Creation

Compelling and engaging advertisement design and copywriting to maximize click-through rates and conversions.

Budget Management

Efficient allocation and optimization of advertising budget to ensure maximum ROI and reach.

Bid Management

Strategic adjustment and optimization of bidding strategies to secure optimal ad placements while controlling costs.

Audience Targeting

Precise segmentation and targeting of specific audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Ad Placement

Strategic selection and placement of advertisements across various online platforms and channels to reach the intended audience effectively.

Conversion Tracking

Implementation and monitoring of conversion tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns in driving desired actions.

Quality Score Optimization

Ongoing refinement and improvement of ad quality scores to enhance ad visibility and reduce costs.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

In-depth analysis of campaign performance metrics and comprehensive reporting to track progress and inform strategic decision-making.

AdWords Updates

Implementation of the latest features, updates, and best practices within Google AdWords to maintain campaign relevance and effectiveness.

Competitor Analysis

Through examination and analysis of competitor advertising strategies and performance to identify opportunities and inform strategic decision-making.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Our comprehensive reports provide detailed analysis, allowing you to understand campaign performance at a glance. Identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and optimize your strategies for maximum impact. Utilize customizable dashboards to visualize data and make informed decisions in real-time. Our advanced analytics tools empower you to refine targeting, messaging, and budget allocation with precision. Stay informed with regular updates and actionable insights that drive continuous improvement. Elevate your marketing game with robust analytics and reporting solutions tailored to your business needs.


Pricing Plans

Choose the plan fits you best

Starter PPC Campaign

AED 1500/Month

+ Ad Spend

Google Ads or Facebook Ads setup
Basic keyword research
Ad copy creation
Ad campaign management
Monthly performance report
Budget recommendations

Intermediate Paid Marketing

AED 3500/Month

+ Ad Spend

Google Ads and Facebook Ads setup
Comprehensive keyword research
Ad copy creation and A/B testing
Ad campaign management and optimization
Landing page optimization recommendations
Conversion tracking setup
Bi-weekly performance report
Budget adjustments and recommendations

Advanced Paid Marketing

AED 7000/Month

+ Ad Spend

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads setup
In-depth keyword research and competitor analysis
Advanced ad copy creation and continuous testing
Ad campaign management, optimization, and remarketing
Landing page optimization and A/B testing
Conversion tracking setup and advanced analytics
Weekly performance report with actionable insights
Custom audience targeting and segmentation
Monthly strategy consultation
Budget adjustments and recommendations


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